Friday, 22 July 2011

White tennis panties down in the changing rooom

It was the summer that my wife Linda had her lesbian relationship with her classmate Lilly.

The two 15 year old  girls had gone to play tennis.  Linda was wearing a white tennis dress and plain white panties, Lilly had a tennis shirt, white pleated skirt and knickers with some lacy frills.  Linda could tell that Lilly was in a sexy mood as whenever she had to pick up a ball she would turn her back on Linda and bend over very slowly from the waist - pushing her frilly knicker clad bottom out.

When the girls finished their game and went back into the changing room Lilly did not waste much time.  She had taken her shirt off and turned to Linda saying "there is nobody around, we won't be disturbed.  She pulled her panties down and moved in close..

Lilly took Linda's hand and placed it on her pussy.  Linda told me that Lilly was incredibly wet andshe herself had very damp panties.

Lilly then said "let me get your knicks down" and knelt in front of Linda, pulling her panties to her knees.

She then pushed her hand between Linda's thighs and started to rub her pussy ...

Lilly then suggested that both girls ake their panties right off and then they sat on a bench together - each with their hand between the other girl's legs.  The warm air was heavy with the scent of adolescent cunt and each girl's pussy was making squelching noises.  Linda could feel Lilly's body tense as her orgasm approached and this set Linda off too - the girls held one other with their free arms as their bodies bucked with intense climaxes.

Linda said that it was one of the best orgasms she ever had....

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